Diva Challenge #165 “Camelia”

Diva’s Challenge #165 UMT Camelia – Camelia is not my kind of tangle, and I wasn’t coming up with any ideas, so I generated a random string from tanglepatterns.com (#3). I worked it pretty loose, another thing that I don’t usually do and that was kind of fun.The string left a lot of zigzag lines in the middle and that lent itself to Star Map. All-in-all, it was a quick and enjoyable zentangle.


9 responses to “Diva Challenge #165 “Camelia”

  1. Nicely balanced, and I like the shading!

  2. This is cool – the inside reminds me of dominos

  3. Camelia works very nicely as a border. Great tile!

  4. Nice job! I like the use of the star map, too.

  5. Annemarie

    I like this tile of yours, nice contrast in it. Hope to see more of you in the next weeks.

  6. I too like the contrast. Dark and bold with an eye catching inside of blank open space. Nicely done!

  7. Katie C

    Yes! Nice contrast and balance! You did beautifully with the shading, too.

  8. You’ve done a lovely job with it – Camelia works perfectly as a border on your tile 🙂

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