Diva Challenge #179 – Bijou

This week’s challenge is to use the new “Bijou” 2″x2″ format recently introduced by the Zentangle company. You can learn about Bijou here. I thought the snail mascot was a little too cutesy, and it seemed to be more of a marketing ploy (it is) than a meaningful addition to the art form. But, hey, I’m an open-minded guy and I’m always game for a Diva challenge.

I make my own tiles from vellum bristol cut into 4″x4″ squares. It was simple to cut one down into 4 Bijou sized tiles. I started with the same string and Meer, like the demo. A total copy would be too cheesy, so I opted for Paradox triangles instead of Zinger. I found the process to be fun and quick.This was the first time I actually finished a tile within 15 minutes!  I think I am going to enjoy these little things. Heck, I may even make friends with the snail.



6 responses to “Diva Challenge #179 – Bijou

  1. dobriendesign

    I agree, I’ve never finished a tile in 15 minutes. Now it’s possible, not probable for me, but possible. Nice work!

  2. Nice job on the Paradox. I also can finish them a little sooner, but it also depends on how much I want to put into them. I have actually finished some larger pieces in less than 15 minutes, but those have tended to be monotangles with something more free flowing like Bunzo or Mooka.

  3. So lovely Bijou tile! I like the combination of Meer and Paradox!

  4. Indeed, Meer and Paradox go so very well together, pretty tile!

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