Diva Challenge #203 Athitzi

I was going to opt out of this week’s Diva Challenge due to all of the other challenges in my life this week. However, I was looking to doodle while on a webinar conference call and picked up a Bijou tile and started playing with this week’s tangle, Athitzi. I ended up mono-tangling the complete tile as I tried filling different shapes.



Bijou #2 and Bijou #3

Here are a couple more of the small format Bijou tiles. Bijou #2 is a monotangle of Mr. E. Bijou #3 sat on my desk, unfinished for weeks, maybe months, until I was inspired to finished with a grid tangle. I chose the new Kiss tangle from http://nogoatfarm.com/kiss-pattern-steps/ , but of course, I couldn’t leave it alone and tangled it up a bit.

Bijou #2

Bijou #2

Bijou #3

Bijou #3

Diva Challenge #179 – Bijou

This week’s challenge is to use the new “Bijou” 2″x2″ format recently introduced by the Zentangle company. You can learn about Bijou here. I thought the snail mascot was a little too cutesy, and it seemed to be more of a marketing ploy (it is) than a meaningful addition to the art form. But, hey, I’m an open-minded guy and I’m always game for a Diva challenge.

I make my own tiles from vellum bristol cut into 4″x4″ squares. It was simple to cut one down into 4 Bijou sized tiles. I started with the same string and Meer, like the demo. A total copy would be too cheesy, so I opted for Paradox triangles instead of Zinger. I found the process to be fun and quick.This was the first time I actually finished a tile within 15 minutes!  I think I am going to enjoy these little things. Heck, I may even make friends with the snail.