Two Birds at Redrock

I call this “Two Birds at Redrock” because it satisfies two current Zentangle challenges, Diva Challenge #166 “UMT Diva Style” and It’s a String Thing #39, using string pattern # 36 and Meer. I drew most of it at Redrock Dental, in the waiting room during my wife’s appointment. I love the portability of tangling – you can do it almost anywhere.

The inspiration for this piece came after contemplating each of the challenges, and at first I didn’t think I could get a handle on either. I slept on it and was rewarded with this idea upon wakening. I hope you enjoy it.

Two Birds at Redrock

Two Birds at Redrock


Diva Challenge #164 – Earth Day



Diva Challenge #164 – Earth Day

This is a ZIA – Zentangle Inspired Art, as it is representational. True zentangles are not representative of anything. (Except, of course, a zentangle – so I guess zentangles are recursive.)

Diva Challenge #162 – Initial String

Initial_String_TZ Initial_String_lh

K_String Z_String


Diva Challenge #162 Initial String

The colored one was done by Kyra, my 7 year old granddaughter. Tangling started as an activity that the two of us can share. She chose her grandmother’s initials, TZ. I on the other hand did not read the complete instructions, and thought we were to use the Diva’s initials, lh. Before I realized this, I also tangled each of my own initials. They are hanging in my office, or I would post them also.


Diva Challenge #165 “Camelia”

Diva’s Challenge #165 UMT Camelia – Camelia is not my kind of tangle, and I wasn’t coming up with any ideas, so I generated a random string from (#3). I worked it pretty loose, another thing that I don’t usually do and that was kind of fun.The string left a lot of zigzag lines in the middle and that lent itself to Star Map. All-in-all, it was a quick and enjoyable zentangle.