Hope Mac Dee – Diva Challenge #180 and String Thing #53

I was able to “Catch two birds with one stone” again this week, combining Diva’s challenge to use Mac Dee on the same tile for the String Thing challenge.

This is the first time I have been moved to use color. The Scottish blood in me just had to see a “wee bit-o-plaid”.



String Thing #50 – Untitled


String Thing #47 – Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! I worked this one a little loose, as I wanted to get it posted before the 4th. Made a slip on the Yincut, so tangleation it is!


It’s a String Thing #42 – Knight’s Ball

This monotangle is in response to the It’s a String Thing challenge #42. I thought the string as presented would be too busy for Knightsbridge, so I abstracted it to a background wide ribbon and orbs.
I have to say that I grew tired of the inking, and yet I have wanted to work with sphere shapes so I pushed forward. In the end it reminded me of the 3D psychedelic  doodles I did in my school days.
Knight's Ball

Knight’s Ball

It’s a String Thing #40

I’m a little late to the party with this submission to the String Thing Challenge, as I am moving and don’t have access to my scanner. Smartphone to the rescue!


Two Birds at Redrock

I call this “Two Birds at Redrock” because it satisfies two current Zentangle challenges, Diva Challenge #166 “UMT Diva Style” and It’s a String Thing #39, using string pattern # 36 and Meer. I drew most of it at Redrock Dental, in the waiting room during my wife’s appointment. I love the portability of tangling – you can do it almost anywhere.

The inspiration for this piece came after contemplating each of the challenges, and at first I didn’t think I could get a handle on either. I slept on it and was rewarded with this idea upon wakening. I hope you enjoy it.

Two Birds at Redrock

Two Birds at Redrock

It’s a String Thing #38

It’s a String Thing is another kind of weekly challenge. You are given both the string and the tangles to be used. You can see the string for this Zentangle here.