String Thing #50 – Untitled



String Thing #47 – Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! I worked this one a little loose, as I wanted to get it posted before the 4th. Made a slip on the Yincut, so tangleation it is!


Diva Challenge #172 – Mooka and Auraknot

Diva’s challenge 172 was supposed to be a duotangle, and I took some liberties. Mooka has been a challenge for me, so I was interested in making it prominent (and making it look somewhat what it is supposed to look like). As I have been using Auraknot quite a bit lately, I had little interest in playing it up.¬†I am currently hooked on the circular format, finding it much more ‘zen’ than the tradition square box. Since I didn’t stick to just two tangles, I was able to incorporate many tangles I have not tried yet.

Diva 172 Mooka Auraknot

Diva 172 Mooka Auraknot



Diva Challenge #169 – ZIA Flowers

I have been wanting to play with ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) flowers, and this week’s Diva challenge to use circle strings was just the chance.

ZIA Flowers

ZIA Flowers

It’s a String Thing #42 – Knight’s Ball

This monotangle is in response to the It’s a String Thing challenge #42. I thought the string as presented would be too busy for Knightsbridge, so I abstracted it to a background wide ribbon and orbs.
I have to say that I grew tired of the inking, and yet I have wanted to work with sphere shapes so I pushed forward. In the end it reminded me of the 3D psychedelic  doodles I did in my school days.
Knight's Ball

Knight’s Ball

Diva Challenge #168 – Rain

Looks like white space is becoming a theme of mine. Less is more!



It’s a String Thing #40

I’m a little late to the party with this submission to the String Thing Challenge, as I am moving and don’t have access to my scanner. Smartphone to the rescue!


Diva Challenge #167 – Well Flowers with Punzel

I have been itching to try Helen Williams‘ random grid Well flowers. I was glad when I found a way to incorporate Punzel without it being overbearing.

Well Flowers with Punzel

Well Flowers with Punzel

Two Birds at Redrock

I call this “Two Birds at Redrock” because it satisfies two current Zentangle challenges, Diva Challenge #166 “UMT Diva Style” and It’s a String Thing #39, using string pattern # 36 and Meer. I drew most of it at Redrock Dental, in the waiting room during my wife’s appointment. I love the portability of tangling – you can do it almost anywhere.

The inspiration for this piece came after contemplating each of the challenges, and at first I didn’t think I could get a handle on either. I slept on it and was rewarded with this idea upon wakening. I hope you enjoy it.

Two Birds at Redrock

Two Birds at Redrock