An Aquafleur tangleation. This one ended up being more of an exercise in masking mistakes than anything else. “There are no mistakes, and we use no eraser, only learning to create new patterns from what some would consider a mistake.” Maria Thomas, Zentangle Creator



It’s a String Thing #38

It’s a String Thing is another kind of weekly challenge. You are given both the string and the tangles to be used. You can see the string for this Zentangle here.


Diva Challenge #164 – Earth Day



Diva Challenge #164 – Earth Day

This is a ZIA – Zentangle Inspired Art, as it is representational. True zentangles are not representative of anything. (Except, of course, a zentangle – so I guess zentangles are recursive.)

Diva Challenge #162 – Initial String

Initial_String_TZ Initial_String_lh

K_String Z_String


Diva Challenge #162 Initial String

The colored one was done by Kyra, my 7 year old granddaughter. Tangling started as an activity that the two of us can share. She chose her grandmother’s initials, TZ. I on the other hand did not read the complete instructions, and thought we were to use the Diva’s initials, lh. Before I realized this, I also tangled each of my own initials. They are hanging in my office, or I would post them also.


Diva Challenge #165 “Camelia”

Diva’s Challenge #165 UMT Camelia – Camelia is not my kind of tangle, and I wasn’t coming up with any ideas, so I generated a random string from tanglepatterns.com (#3). I worked it pretty loose, another thing that I don’t usually do and that was kind of fun.The string left a lot of zigzag lines in the middle and that lent itself to Star Map. All-in-all, it was a quick and enjoyable zentangle.